We’ve just built Hammer-4. This release contains bug fixes, UI tweaks, and stabilization. Here are just a few of the things added since Hammer-3 release:

    • [V2V] Add default setting for CPU and network limits per conversion host and max concurrent tasks per EMS (#18528)
    • v2v Throttling (#18415)
    • Fix the dynamic service task naming generation for subclasses (#18511)
    • Fix for inability to see dialog details passed to catalog after upgrade from 5.9.4 to 5.9.6 (#18469)
    • [V2V] Fix ConversionHost active_tasks method to use state == ‘migrate’ (#18570)

You can download the Hammer-4 release here.

Here is the changelog: Hammer-4

For questions or support, join in on the talk page.