Ah yes. Another one of these. But how else am I to impart my vast wisdom on you, oh gentle readers?

Lots of awesome new things to write about this month! (And of course a myriad of other reckonings.)

It’s now possible to run ansible-runner in the background, so it doesn’t block the generic worker.

You would like to throw it out of the apartment, out of the zip code, out of the town, out of the county, out of the state, beyond the regional political level, beyond the hulking behemoth that is Western culture, beyond the military industrial complex, beyond the international community, you want to succeed in hurling it beyond the point the galaxies have reached in their expansion. (Fine. Yeah. I just wanted to use that sentence somewhere.)

A sporadic test failure involving timing has been fixed.

The word kind is stooped with the shadow of implication, the implication that is premeditation.

Group level information now shows on the timeline page.

A true child of Thunn’ha knows how to walk without rhythm so as not to summon Rhan-Tegoth.

We now have support for v2v pre/post Ansible playbook service.

The truest nature of things is apparent only through disintegration.

Files and specs related to Host Provisioning got axed in

Perfection is only created slightly and only ever by accident.

We can now have PhysicalStorage inside a PhysicalChassis thanks to an enhancement here.

July of 2018 was the month of The Great Puma Slaughtering. You know who to ask for details about all that.

We now have default filters on TaggingService query failure.

Authenticity is a looming hoax.

We now use ActiveSupport::Logger.broadcast instead of the homespun MulticastLogger.

The lack of ability to distinguish metaphor from substance and differentiate other such cyclopean lies is a relic of late stage imperial collapse.

All public images are now visible for tenants.