It’s an oppressively clammy summer Saturday afternoon. You have the weekend to write YALMiMIQ. It’s Saturday and you can afford to procrastinate. You open the GitHub query and peruse the recent additions anyway, wondering what to showcase this time.

We have an awesome new virtual column for archived? which lets us use it in API queries.

Our multi-value attribute for group memberships got some love.

The cloud-init template methods now have specs.

Our reports can now use the :extra_cols functionality.

Lots and lots of work put in recently by the author of this PR, difficult to pick just one to write about, but our multivalue dropdown defaults have been getting a bunch of attention as of late.

SmartState analysis profiles can now be exported/imported.

We’re also now modeling targeted_scope as ReferenceStorage and making it serializable.

The following day is a wonderfully cool Sunday. It is the kind of temperature that makes you breathe a sigh of relief for it is a day of feeling absurdly grateful for small blessings. Your audience is once again expecting exciting things but it’s been an exhausting couple of weeks. Thus a celebration of the mundane seems perfectly acceptable for once. Nothing remarkable to see here, folks. These are not the words you’re looking for.

We’re now using pficon-template instead of ff-template

Our migration plan wizard no longer shows a horrible error on empty title for csv import.

We also have a new physical chassis table!

That’s all for this time, friends! :tada: