We’ve just built Gaprindashvili-3. This release contains bug fixes, UI tweaks, and stabilization. Here are just a few of the things added since Gaprindashvili-2 release:

    • Add methods to extract v2v log from conversion host. (#17333)
    • Add call for bundled service children retirement (#17317)
    • Add support for exporting an importing service dialogs (#17241)
    • Fix the issue of defined analyisis profile missed in vm scanning. (#17331)
    • Dialog field loading/refresh refactor to fix automate delays (#17329)
    • Change dialog import to only use auto_refresh if new triggers are blank (#17363)
    • Clean up queued items on Zone#destroy (#17374)
    • Add Openstack Cinder EventCatcher worker (#17351)

You can download the Gaprindashvili-3 release here.

Here is the complete changelog: Gaprindashvili-3

For questions or support, join in on the talk page.