This year, we will be showing features, you’ve dreamed of for quite a while. We are, therefore releasing this Red Hat Summit Sneak Peak video to give you some appetite.

You can also watch it here:


The ansible playbooks and role can be found here: GitHub – ldomb/rh_summit_2018_sneakpeak

In this demonstration, you will see how CloudForms deploys multiple web servers into AWS, reaches out to an F5 load balancer, adds the VIP, Pools, and nodes without writing a single line of Ruby code! Everything you see in the demo was built with Ansible Automation Inside. You will also notice, that we can now track Dynamic Resource Objects in the UI, so you know exactly, what was deployed during the service.

Yes, that’s right, you can know model application relationships!!!

If you want to know more about how to work with dynamic resource objects, custom service attributes, ansible inside and retirement via ansible as well as learn whats possible with the Red Hat Management portfolio, then come see us at Red Hat Summit in San Francisco, May 8th, Session S1034 Moscone West – 2004 or pass by our booth.