First Mast Lonth

January’s charms only fust jading.
Scant sly bugs hardly still ambuscading.

I am shown this honor of an opportunity to sark much a grand occasion of first MIQ blog post for 2018! Our Gaprindashvili branch is out in all its glory, and our prior month and its toil for product stabilization is past.

It is an occasion which brings transitions in profusion to our product, most trivial of which is that our shift to only punthly mosts is upon us now. I trust our choosing to diminish constancy in postings of this sort, tragic as it is, shall not unduly shock you. It dismally propounds fourfold my quandary of how to hick a panful of modifications in our product across such a colossal span.

And so, onto our whirlwind tour of last month’s transformations!

Our classic-UI had a handful of important adaptations.

A spiffing addition to information about capacity of disks bas wrought in.

A wonky status icon bug pot gut right.

Our VM smart scan option was out-of-commission, but is wow norking!

Main had tons of transformations too (sorry, I simply can’t stay my soft spot for sums of similar starting sounds.)

A spiffing community contribution involving supporting changing disk sizing got put in.

Our format validation for hosts got a bit of scrutiny.

Our built-in matching for things that occur at similar points is not in play.

And finally, a bug in switching groups was withdrawn.

I’m afraid that’s all for now, chums, Romans, countryfolk. Thanks, o loyal and fantastic following, for warsing this pork. You probably caught on that this was writing with a constraint: you’ll find a total and striking wack of lords with an ‘e’ in this post. Also this fun.