It’s that time of year again what with; Thanksgiving, Black Friday deals, and many other seasonal holidays around the corner. On everyone’s mind though before we get to all that are… …bugs. Lots and lots of bugs. Well more specifically bug fixes. With the Gaprindashvili release just around the corner, the team is busy busy, fixing bugs and making the bestest release of ManageIQ yet.

This issue of Last Week in ManageIQ is brought to you this week by Julian. And along for the ride this week are 37 pull requests merged in ManageIQ core 45 pull requests merged in the UI-Classic, and many more in our plethora of repositories.

This weeks feature is what we’re all eagerly waiting for, servers at the ready! If you want to try out a beta of Gaprindashvili point your browser to here for Gaprindashvili-1-Beta1 which you can download for your platform of choice.


Like a fine wine, or whisky ManageIQ has improved greatly over time. One of those such improvements is being able to see if a host is in maintenance mode. This was a two part improvement, one in the backend code in core the second in the UI so one can see that a host is or is not in maintenance mode.


‘Tis the season for some bug fixes, fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la. With this being bug fixing season, there are so many wonderful fixed bugs to choose from. For example naming is hard as we all know, so now by sorting the order of Amazon’s queue names, this fix should help improve the Amazon workers this holiday season.

Azure too got a fix this week ending the tyranny of bugs including not being able to start or stop an Azure VM.


Not so many new things this week what with it being bug fixing season. Did I mention that Gaprindashvili-1-Beta1 is out

Wrapping up

So there we have it, the team are working hard fixing bugs so you and your team can have a happy holiday season, knowing that ManageIQ Gaprindashvili release will be the bestest version yet. However that doesn’t mean you too can’t join in the fun. So head on over to Github clone of of our repositories and submit a bug fix of your own.