Hello there! This week’s LWIMIQ is contributed by Harpreet Hope everyone in the US had a wonderful time enjoying Thanksgiving feast with family and friends, and of course shopping Black Friday deals. With Christmas and New Year right around the corner everyone must be in holiday mode, while our team at ManageIQ is working hard to get Gaprindashvili as stable as possible. Since we are in a bug fixing phase not much to report features/enhancement wise from my side.


This week’s improvements were made by fixing bugs and making Gaprindashvili more stable.


There were lots issues fixed around our list view screens in UI, relationships links were fixed on some screens, more details of the bug can be seen here GTL fixes. There were fixes made around new dialog editor and dialog runner with some missing /double form buttons.


Nothing new added this week, since it is a bug fixing time, you should see mostly PRs labelled as Bug.

Wrapping up

Head over to ManageIQ Gaprindashvili Beta 1 release page and give it a whirl. You can contribute by submitting new Github issue or by creating a PR with your very own fix. Click thru links below to see list of all PRs merged in different repos this past week and read thru the individual details. Join the fun with MIQ geeks on Github

manageiq PRs merged

manageiq-ui-classic PRs merged

manageiq-ui-service PRs merged

manageiq-providers-amazon PRs merged

manageiq-providers-ansible_tower PRs merged

manageiq-providers-foreman PRs merged

manageiq-providers-google PRs merged

manageiq-providers-hawkular PRs merged

manageiq-providers-lenovo PRs merged

manageiq-providers-kubernetes PRs merged

manageiq-providers-nuage PRs merged

manageiq-providers-openshift PRs merged

manageiq-providers-openstack PRs merged

manageiq-providers-ovirt PRs merged

manageiq-providers-scvmm PRs merged

manageiq-providers-vmware PRs merged