A Puzzle for your Perusal

Any puzzles, correctly completed and returned to me before next week’s blog, will enter you into a drawing for a prize! [Completed puzzles can be returned to me].


4 type of attributes returned only if specified in api
7 rubocop punctuation warnings removed for hacktoberfest
8 new name of ShowbackDataRollup in manageiq-consumption
15 thing being removed in favor of purge_in_batches (3 wds.)
19 what we’re supporting for windows templates in main #16263
20 method that instance_profile creation in amazon prov includes
21 type that value passed into sleep method in azure armrest must be
23 name of branch on which unprivileged docker user login got fixed (5 wds.)
24 what happened to instructions on accessing import image screen for RHV
27 type of broken tests fixed in classic-ui very recently (2 wds.)
28 auth type that now includes documentation for ldap configmap generator
30 instance resize operation location in main #16044 (2 wds.)
31 series of characters that represent space removed for hacktoberfest

1 what replaced dialog logic
2 userid purview, fixed this week in main #16323
3 what vsd_client in nuage now includes
5 type of driver enhancements added recently to middleware
6 div that got moved and deduplicated on settings region screen
9 location of event initiator
10 recently fixed elements on set ownership screen
11 type of size added to Switch model
12 name of method that got fixed in StorageAccountService (3 wds.)
13 kind of controller types now being listed in vmware prov repo
14 operation approval workflow now being used for (2 wds.)
16 api response immensity
17 new table in schema added at end of last week (3 wds.)
18 things now connected to targeted refresh in nuage providers
22 addition to mac guides involving the version of this
25 kind of event triggers added for Hawkular
26 what got updated for travis in the appliance console repo (2 wds.)
29 layout type in which MD and SM viewport sizes differ