Hello, Dávid here from the UI team. Let’s have a quick recap about what happened in the last week on the magical land of ManageIQ.

Honestly, I gave up on counting how many repositories we are currently maintaining. The only number I come up with is ~220 and this is the number of PRs we merged last week. Around 50% of these PRs got merged into core and into the two UI repos, feel free to check them out.

Martin (but not Martin and Martin) decided to increase the Code Climate GPA of the UI Classic repo. I lost count of the PRs, but the outcome is visible.


The Service UI folks hired a new developer for keeping their dependencies up to date and he is doing a suspiciously good job. I am pretty sure that he will never lose his job because of the upcoming automatization and robots everywhere.


Brian is our maintainer of remote consoles. His task this week was to fix the web-based Cockpit console for multiple providers. Meanwhile Joe fixed a possible user duplication issue in the external authentication by assigning UUIDs.


What if I told you that we’re using Angular in all tree views on the left side of the screen? Actually it’s not 100% accurate, but let’s say that there is just a single Gallic tribe screen that the Romans were I was not able to conquer convert. Also one of the container people, Nimrod added some new features into the container image list view.


Adrian started with us as an intern in the beginning of August. We wanted to give him a first task that teaches him to orientate in the UI. What’s better than deleting some UI-related constants across the codebase? He made 15 PRs last week and each of them gets rid of a specific constant. Well done!

Wrapping up

That’s all folks! If you think it was not enough, feel free to check our GitHub organization where among others you can contribute to our codebase.