Last week, most engineering hands were busy in an internal Engineering All-Hands meeting. A few stray hands still found the opportunity to submit some PRs, but there were no available fingers for typing up an entry for “Last week in ManageIQ”. So please allow me, Carol, to paw in a few words in this edition.

Green thumbs

As mentioned during last Sprint, was added to Service UI repo to keep dependencies updated a lot faster.

If you take a look at the PRs merged in this repo last week, you will see many of them with green ‘greenkeeper’ labels, as various dependencies were updated to their latest versions.

Iron fists

When it comes to paying technical debt, sometimes one has got to be ruthless. A bunch of constants were placed on the chopping block, decreed to be removed from UiConstants. As those constants found new homes in appropriate modules, the UiConstants module was also permanently deleted.

White knuckles

This PR from the Lenovo XClarity provider plugin creates validation for credentials to the Lenovo provider, so that you don’t have to turn your knuckles white with worry over invalid connections.

Jazz hands

On the graphing front, Graph refresh is turned on for Amazon VMs with targeted refresh as the default. And what happens when you use GraphViz syntax for refresh graph logging? :open_hands: Tada - pretty inventory graphs! :open_hands:

Monkey tail

Well, I selected some PRs I thought were interesting, in a totally unqualified way. If you could not make hands or tails out of it, or if you have other comments/suggestions for the project, please leave some feedback in our ongoing ManageIQ Community Survey, available for another week. As always, you’re welcome to check out the progress we are making on GitHub, and lend a hand!