This last week of summer found the team back to work on our next release, following an engaging and productive all-hands engineering forum in New Jersey.

Sprint 69 ended last week, check out the sprint review slides and recording for all the work completed during this sprint.

Some statistics for last week:

31 PRs merged to the manageiq repository,

27 PRs merged to the manageiq-ui-classic repository,

25 PRs merged to the manageiq-ui-service repository,

plus more across the providers’ repositories.


The Greenkeeper bot continues to create PRs to maintain up to date dependencies for the Service UI - see this week’s list here.

PR 979 refactors the CollectionsApi for extensibility (infinite options) and conciseness.

The dialog generation for orchestration template was modified in PR 15982 to rely on the templates to provide the deployment options.

PR 16011 adds ‘description’ to the list of automate value fields, allowing it to be updated by an automate method.


To allow the Azure SSA job to succeed, a number of timeouts and workers’ memory were increased in PR 16016.

After PR 15995, the request to destroy linked events is queued to prevent the UI hanging when deleting an instance of MiqServer.


This PR exposes the Custom Button visibility and enablement based on the evaluation of MiqExpressions set for these on each button.

Custom Buttons have been added to the Generic objects in PR 15980.

YAML format content is now accepted as an OrchestrationTemplate PR 298.

After the Automate PR 15951, the manual placement selection will support only the use of “VMware clusters” and only the use of “VMware folders”.

We are getting ready for Ruby 2.4: PR15987 replaces the deprecated Fixnum|Bignum with integer.

Here is the initial work for putting the documentation that exists in the source code into a browsable format.


The deletion of the week, PR16005 removes ‘format_by_(class|column)’, as these are no longer used.

Product Tools

Two very useful product tools were merged this week:

One to replicate a server settings to other servers.

The other is a tool that converts an MiQ appliance authentication configuration from using the MiQ proprietary LDAP client to using SSSD packaged into the operating system.

Wrapping up

This is all for this Last Week in ManageIQ edition, we always welcome contributions to any of the ManageIQ repositories. Laura here, wishing everyone a wonderful, productive week!