Hi Friends! Allen here, with news to share! Since we last talked much has happened, two weeks of on goings are due for discussion. A few quick stats before we dig in:

  • No new repositories this time around!
  • ~ 447 PRs closed across 133 ManageIQ Repos (between 08/07 to 08/21)
  • In descending order, the top four repositories by pull request activity:
  • Downstream version updated from 4.5 to 4.6 here

Okay okay so let’s get into it.

Oh my! Without a repo fork to feature, lets turn our attention to a hotly discussed and highly welcomed update to the Container Image list view. Now it includes a Number of Containers column. Those little usability features just make all the difference.


Additional Class Methods

It was requested in ManageIQ/manageiq-api#3 and fulfilled by ManageIQ here, a metadata function that should return the description of the data stored in the options field was added! Cross repo collaboration is the name of our game.

Operational Alerts Table Documentation

Can not forget da docs! Operational alerts table docs were improved here

Code Cleanliness

Hot darn, code cleanliness improved! While not in the forefront of most users minds, ensuring code is clean, neat, and standardized is essential to developer sanity! We saw quite a bit of cleanup happen in the Classic UI and also in the Service UI. Welcome improvements indeed.


Report Generation Identification

Rather than relying on “system” ownership when generating reports, the API now requires a userid of the current user


All TEH Quad Icons

You know the, you love them, the one, the only QUAD ICONS now for container providers here

Providers - Lenovo - Support for Additional Power Operations

This enhancement updates provider and spec tests to support additional power operations including:

  • Power_restart_node_to_setup
  • Power_restart_node_now
  • Power_restart_node_controller
  • Power_off_node_now


spec_helper.rb Cleanup

Stale code is :no_good: SO the aforementioned file was cleaned up here.

Widgetastic All Things

Deleted existing execute_button in ManageIq / intergration_tests repo psych, just converted it to widgetastic.

Wrapping Up

Ahh well that was refreshing, a nice sip of what’s new with MIQ! Only just a sip, as there was far more ongoings than highlighted here. As always, we welcome any and all contributions so please do stop by! See what we are up to, find issues that you can help out with, we look forward to seeing you soon! :bow: