read me

This post in form is quite new
Again we’ve code changes to view
If you would like to listen
There’s a video submission
This post courtesy of you know who.

To my accomplice offer much gratitude
The video’s a great interlude
To give credit where due,
Thank Allen B W,
Whose assistance was greatly valued.

New code changes are easily viewed
Two week’s worth is some amplitude
Peruse them all here
We’ve been busy, it’s clear
With plentiful changes accrued.

The dialog editor’s long overlooked
But with pretty changes, we’re all really hooked.
See drag and drop,
The Ops UI pop,
Related bug fixes are booked.

Large removals are always well-greeted
Non-shared Ansible tests were deleted
If you’d like to admire,
This one will inspire
Cassette cuts to soon be completed.

Validation of provider credentials
Includes raw_connect in its essentials
The move to the queue
Needs decrypt to go through
The specifics have lots of potentials.

Default value selection was broken
In the service UI, it was spoken
A coder from Houston
Had fixes induced in
A PR that is hereby bespoken.

Some catalogue BZs have been closed
Doc notes have been newly composed
Azure items are easy
And Amazon breezy
The details have here been exposed.

Logo rendering has now been adjusted
As spacing had been somewhat busted
Docker whale resized,
The layout revised
Mobile styling no longer combusted.

Our integration test repo’s abuzz
Includes Widgetastic now it does
Some python’s included
Enhancements subtruded
Less web-widget abstracted twas.

Provider generators can be synced
From the core repo to which they’re linked
Shared specs are looked for,
Refactors we adore
We’re just thrilled when updates are succinct.

Generic Objects page has been refreshed
Feature names are hence newly addressed
Fresh sections galore
Old views are done for
You’ll find show_list is now at its best!

A coder who is from Hong Kong
Insisted credentials belong
Azure Classic renewed
So as not to exclude
With Resource Manager it’ll throng.

Metric collection has been quite updated
From sources that are not related
Not Hawkular-centered
More places we’ve ventured
Single vendors you’ll find are outdated.

Seeding timeouts are being repaired
WAN seeding no longer impaired
If you wish, take a gander
It shall not meander
Descriptive errors now are prepared.

This amusement must come to an end
Dear reader, your help we commend
If you’d like to submit
Please add a commit
Until then, the next post we attend.