Howdy! I am JoeV. I work with the ManageIQ Platform Team. This is my second Last Week in ManageIQ post. Below is a review of the changes made this past week.

This past week saw 32 PRs merged into ManageIQ core.

The 13 different provider repositories had a total of 15 PRs merged. The Classic UI team was truly busy with 24 PRs merged and the Service UI folks merged 6 PRs


One notable change this past week was a substantial repo split. The ManageIQ database migrations have been extracted from the db/migrate directory into the new manageiq-schema repo The full story can be found on the ManageIQ Talk post New split repo - manageiq-schema


There were 5 PRs merged into the ManageIQ core repo that addressed bugs:

Ladislav Smola fixed these 2 bugs:

Yuri Rudman fixed this bug:

Joe Rafaniello fixed this bug:

Libor Pichler fixed this bug:


Wrapping up

That wraps it up for this week in ManageIQ. To stay in touch and learn more about the project take a look at ManageIQ.ORG

Thanks for having a look! JoeV