Good day, and welcome to another fine episode of Last Week In ManageIQ with your host Julian Cheal. Carrying on from last week we’ve had yet more code extractions from the core ManageIQ codebase, a variety of bug fixes, and some new features. So let’s get started.

Looking at our repositories we’ve had:


The big news this week is the extraction of four providers to their own repositories. This is ongoing work part of the pluggable providers initiative. Each provider also now have their own Gitter rooms

The providers extracted are:


Until this fix, if you deleted a task its associated report would also be deleted.

In keeping with deletions not doing what you’d expect; this bug was fixed, where deleted entities for containers weren’t removed from the database.


Physical infrastructure is one of the newest features in ManageIQ. And this PR helps gives servers prettier names.

Keeping with physical infrastructure, we’ve added Physical Server[s] to our translation files. If you want to help, why not translate Physical Server[s] into your language.


Removing technical debt is always satisfying. So removing a dependency from custom code to a default Ruby Gem is always a good thing. That’s what this PR does.

Unused variables clog up the code and generally make everything untidy. So removing them is always a good thing.

Wrapping up

With the pluggable provider work and removing technical debt, the ManageIQ codebase is getting more and more streamlined. Why not check in next week to see what else has changed in the thrilling adventure that is; Last Week in ManageIQ.