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Where have all the Providers gone? 
Long time passing 
Where have all the Providers gone? 
Long time ago
Where have all the Providers gone? 
Devs have plucked them every one
When will they ever learn?
When will they ever churn?

And it’s up to you to match those lads and gals in the audience and on stage to members of the ManageIQ community. :older_man:

That’s right, look at app/models/manageiq/providers and be amazed. It’s almost empty. Well, except for those base classes and one that has embedded itself oh so clever. But as John Striker said: “You can run, but you can’t hide

Gems-Pending is being emptied, just look at all those PRs, can you spot a theme?

Nuage Provider got extracted, click

Deleting a Provider got more clever, by waiting for its workers to finish. This should remedy some nasty race conditions, click


We now log the options for retirement event, click

There is a new dialog to be used by container template services, click

Resource groups can now be saved during a refresh, click

A global ManageIQ module gives you .env and .root, like Rails.root, but better, click

Physical Servers got a lot of love in the classic-ui and show much more than before, click


CVE-2017-5946 introduced by an external dependency got fixed by upgrading that dependency, click

Ansible playbooks are re-run, if they fail on the first run, click

Some metrics seemed to be useless, so we dont calculate them anymore, click

Wrapping up

That’s it. Really. Move over, nothing more to see. :wave: Yep, we’re out. Roger, Over and, what was his name? Out. Yes. Word!

See you next week.