Hello everyone, this is Laura, bringing you a new edition of Last Week in ManageIQ!

With our Fine release out the door, the team is gearing up for our next release, Gaprindashvili, with an eye towards design and architectural changes that will improve ManageIQ’s performance, stability and scalability. Watch the recording of our latest sprint review to find out more about this. You can find the recording right here.

The number of ManageIQ repositories has grown, the latest ones to be spun-off are:

Here are some statistics about the PR activity for all ManageIQs repositories:


  • After linking the ‘miq_servers’ and ‘miq_tasks’ tables here, to make filtering of Tasks more intuitive after merging the Tasks and Jobs screens, PR 14679 is replacing the ‘Waiting_to_start’ value for the state attribute in miq_tasks table with ‘Queued’.
  • PR 15141 Adds a new helper method for unique index columns to inventory collection.
  • PR 15120 Use the new values in extra_vars to create a new dialog when editing an Ansible playbook service template, instead of waiting for the updated job template which may take some time.
  • PR 15070 enhances the REST API to allow filtering on region_number for playbooks that belong to a repository.


  • PR 1354 - List only playbooks in the current region when creating or updating a Playbook Catalog Item.
  • PR 15124 makes TokenManager#token_ttl callable (evaluated at call time), thus delaying evaluation until call time, which honors updated settings values.
  • PR 15112 Ensures order is qualified by table name for rss feeds.
  • PR 15151 Fixes the REST API to allow users with admin role access to requests.


  • PR 15123 Allows disabling worker heartbeats for workers that are running in isolation or where communicating via DRB is not possible. This is preliminary work towards eventually allowing the spin up of workers without rake evm:start being done and activating a drb server to handle heartbeating.
  • PR 12506 Adds a cockpit webservice worker that can be enabled for a deployment where users want to use cockpit.
  • PR 1205 Allows to explicitly disable hawkular in containers.


  • The rhn_mirror code, that was a temporary bridge to RPM updates, has been removed. from the core repo in PR 15156 as well as from the classic UI repo in PR 1381.
  • The last caller of queue_restart_apache has been removed in PR 15118.

Wrapping up

This is all for this edition of LWIMIQ, thank you for taking the time to read. Please make sure to check out next week’s entry, for updates on the ManageIQ happenings. And if you want to get involved, we always welcome new contributors.

Have a great, productive week everyone!