Another week is behind us, a new one is here and it brings along the next weekly update. I’m Roman from ManageIQ UI team, and I’ll walk you through what happened in the last week in ManageIQ.

This week we had:

It’s worth mentioning we now have 3 merged Pull Requests (#470, #466, #475) from Mendel University students in Brno, led by Zita and Martin, and more are comming!

Keep up the good work!


Day by day, week by week, we try to make ManageIQ better and better. From last week there was a Pull Request from Nick (#14529) adding a notification when the embedded ansible server starts or Pull Request providing VM href when Service is ordered from Control action by Madhu (#14481).


With the amount of code that is submitted into ManageIQ, it is possible some issues are introduced. This week, Martin has helped to keep the ManageIQ UI nice by fixing issue with missing metrics for Containers (#819) and missing table name on VMDB Summary page (#806).


Of course, we have also added a lot of new code.

Alberto has added support for a format_attributes parameter in API (#14449).

New code was also added in Service UI by Chris, he has added a additional permission to allow viewing of catalogs (#610).


There has been a lot of code added to the codebase of ManageIQ from the last week, but it’s important not to forget to remove what is not needed anymore.

Just like did Joe by removing extra requires (#14526) or Edgar in Pull Request #14595, where he was fixing VCR test.

Wrapping up

That’s all folks. See you next week at next LWIMIQ post, by Robin.