Hello World!

My name is Libor and I am part of Platform Team in Brno.

It’s that time again. Time to recap of last week in ManageIQ!

This week we were busy with moving last features to Euwe for upcoming Euwe-3 release!

Let’s start typically - with some numbers:

Last line of ruby code in last week have number 253 718 in ManageIQ core repo and 3 810 in ManageIQ UI classic controller repo. Javascript coders this week added 432 642nd line.

Last Sprint Review has number 56.

Other Moves

Marcel moved azure settings to azure provider

Adam moved fog-vcloud-director gem to manageiq-providers-vmware gemspec

James moved Credential’s API_ATTRIBUTES to the shared one


Ladas is showing to us that developer can also create nice documentation. Let’s inspire and look on his documentation for InventoryCollection.new - examples included!


Time is most important physical quantity on the world and also Keenan is aware of this fact. It is visible in his peformance PR to speed up for generating widgets.

Beni with his Container TLS fixes is fixing ability to create and edit container’s provider without Hawkular.

Broken chargeback has been fixed by Allen in ManageIQ UI Service repo.


Hungarian, Czech and Americans are creating a pull request … it is not begining of joke, they worked together on one PR, concretely they added option for disabling asynchronous notifications.

API is still rapidly improved by Jillian. Her contribution is almost tenth of PRs in ManageIQ repo!

Sharing is good and you mother was right as well as Richard in his PR where he introduced CloudTenancyMixin - it allows to us share tenant functionality also for Cloud Objects.

Daniel modified label_tag_mapping_add to accommodate scoped entity type in his PR Warning!!! The PR is not for people with hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia

Erez added External Logging Link for container nodes.


Best code is no code. Our contributors are coding hand by hand with this statement, see their deletions:

Should be noted that we like pets and I assure you that Martin has the same view of the matter even when he published PR called Remove dead @cats (No one was harmed during coding/review of this PR)

Wrapping up

That’s it! It was just small summary of our ManageIQ stories - for more fun, take one of issues here. We are looking forward to your pull requests!