Hi, Dr. Drew Syncrounious here to talk with you about an important new solution just released into master. Known scientifically as Pontificatory Requestiveous, for us in the industry, it is affectionately called:


A few questions

Do you struggle with memory loss?

Overly terse variable names?

The inability to read anything?

Today I’d like to ask for a few minutes of your time to talk about PR.

Everything is Perfect

Before taking PR make sure that you are healthy enough to consume 58 main ingredients, some number of html ingredients, or more numbers of ajax ingredients.

You also need the ability to consume amazon numbers and azure numbers and vmware numbers.

We all think that no one else struggles in these areas. Knowing about the power of PR can help you build your part of this solution.

Acknowledging your lack of PR is the first step to knowing you need it.

Below I’d like to highlight testimonials taken from some real life PR users. **

All Things that Appeared Bad now Appear Good

Add retire_now to Embedded Ansible job.

Tina: Before PR, I had to manually retire an Ansible Service. Now after taking a steady dosage, I can simply call retire_now and the job is retired!

Create initial tower objects when we start the worker

Nick: I remember a time when initial Tower objects weren’t created! I was so used to this that I had accepted it as normal behavior. Bill and Jason introduced me to PR. My life is changed! Those Tower objects are now created at startup!

Some have Noticed Their Zeds Removed

Split metric collections into smaller intervals

Greg B: Large metric collections. That’s all I remember before I started on PR. The intervals between last_perf_capture_on and today were too lengthy. We all get up every day and make decisions. One day I got up and decided to take PR. Those smaller metric collections are thanking me, but the real truth. The real truth is that I’m thanking myself! Thanks PR! Because of you my Bzeds are removed.

Fixes tag control multi-value

Drew: I have been managing my moderate to severe dropdowns with multi-select functionality. Sometimes though, I’ve found that tag control pushes me over the edge. Greg M introduced me to PR! EVERYTHING CHANGED!

PR has allowed my tag control the necessary method for multiple items on the same field! Dropdowns with multi-select functionality are hard. PR has made that part of my codebase easier to work with.

Reported Additional Behavior

Add missing ui_lookup for Repository

Zita: We all know how missing :: make our lives difficult. I had gone through the motions, WIPped up a fix, but still found my UI lookups lacking. PR changed that for me! My classes are found again, but even better, because of PR my UI lookup is now returning the long lost Repository (Embedded Provider). It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

Account for managed disks

Dan: I’ve had to address the possibility that my VM does not have a :vhd attribute. It’s easy for some to laugh this off, but in my case I was stuck. Stuck with my VM. Stuck with the fact that Azure is moving away (AWAY!) from individual VHD’s. You laugh, but without my PR I would be lost. Bronagh opened my life to PR. It still isn’t perfect, but knowing where to go for information on managed disks has made all the difference for me. I know PR can help someone else. It sure helped me.

An Acceptance that Less is More… Automatic

WIP Automate service model auto create

Greg M: Hello, my name is Greg and I’d like to talk to you about my PR experience. I lived a good life. Got up, coded up service models, did everything Oleg asked. Everything was great. BUT, something was missing. Something was wrong!

Until PR.

I can honestly say, without PR my life would be 826 lines heavier. My fingers used to type miq_ without even thinking about it. Without PR - Automate wouldn’t be ‘automatic.’

Side Effects May Include

Do not attempt PR if you don’t have a keyboard. When taking PR do not drive or operate heavy machinery unless you have previously pushed. Walking, eating, driving or engaging in other activities just before force pushing without remembering it the next day, have been reported. PR should be taken together with alcohol, although some have reported better results without. Abnormal behaviors may include agitation, aggressiveness, confusion or hallucinations unless additional persons engage in thumbs up behavior. The temporary inability to type text just before clicking ‘new PR’ have also been reported. In unPR’d patients, worsening of code patterns including a risk of complete refactoring have been known to occur. Side effects include next-day drowsiness.

** No actors were used in the making of this PR