Laura here bringing you this week’s edition of Last Week in ManageIQ!

A busy week again with a lot of progress towards our embedded Ansible Tower features, along with refactoring of existing code, as we move closer to the development complete milestone for our Fine release. Last week, there were 293 commits in 184 PRs across our combined repositories:


In this PR, Jason moved dynamic method building into DrbRemoteInvoker, allowing it to run in the launched automate ruby process directly and not over DRb, preventing random DRb thread issues.

The event collection for the datawarehouse provider now has field to event streams to keep track of the ext_management_system that carried the event in,
as added by Mooli here.

In the Service UI, RBAC is now enabled on Orchestration Templates

The classic UI toolbar refactoring is moving along with lots of PRs merged, the full list can be found here.


JoeR fixed a failure that would occur after starting new puma workers and try to gracefully restart apache. In his PR, Apache is configured to boot the ports puma workers are bound to (from STARTING_PORT to the maximum worker count port 3000 to 3009 if max worker count is 10) as balancer members.

Libor created a fix in this PR to allow regex for a MiqExpression::Field containing numbers in associations.


Rails 5.0.2. is now supported.

Check out Ladas’ Target and Target Collections abstractions here.

The Embedded Ansible model is now being used when retrieving credentials or repositories for catalog items, as well as list pages.

With this new PR from Bill - the Ansible Play data, including start time and finish time, is collected during a Job run. The credentials are associated with the job during a sync.

Associated resources can now be removed as part of the service retirement, with this UI option added by Harpreet.

The UI for the physical infrastructure is now available, added by Julian in this PR.

For the REST API, Daniel added REST API support for Alert Definitions (Miq Alert), while Jillian added the read API for configuration scripts and access to the jobs on a ServiceAnsiblePlaybook.


Martin uses GenericShowMixin to unify and remove #show functionality from middeware controllers -PR

In this first Title Refactoring PR, he also started the task of removing the case logic for setting the page title and moving the decision back to the controllers.

Wrapping up

This was just a small sample of what was accomplished this week. For more details (and demos) about the features we worked on this sprint, make sure to tune in to the sprint 56 review this week!