We’ve just built Euwe-2. This release contains a security fix, bug fixes, numerous UI tweaks, and stabilization.

Security Fixes:

CVE-2017-2632 - It was found that a tenant administrator could create groups with roles that have higher permissions than those of the tenant administrator. This issue was discovered by Matouš Mojžíš (Red Hat).

and here are just a few of the things added since Euwe-1 release:

  • Automate: Automate Retry with Server Affinity
  • Providers:
    • Ansible Tower: Advanced search for Ansible Tower Jobs not visible on switch from a different tab
    • Microsoft Azure: Delete all resources when deleting an Azure stack
  • Notable Platform fixes include:
    • Tenant admin should not be able to create groups in other tenants.
    • Introduce report result purging timer.

Here is the complete changelog: Euwe-2

For questions or support, join in on the talk page.