Happy Valentine’s Day! Jillian here to walk you through the love given to PRs this past week. In the spirit of the holiday, and before you devour lots of :chocolate_bar:, let’s take a look at those PRs with :heart:!

It was an active week in ManageIQ core with 71 PRs merged. To highlight some of the providers, Amazon had 5 PRs merged and Azure had 3 PRs merged. In the UI department, ManageIQ classic had 50 PRs merged while the Service UI had 16 PRs merged.


Everybody loves a good speedup and Libor saw the love when he improved the speed of REGEX for invalid fields in MiqExpression::Field.

In an improvement to the API, Alberto added a feature that allows for multiple identifiers in api.yml. Now, a user must be allowed at least one of the roles specified in the identifier for authorization.


The ImportFileUpload model is tightly coupled to the UI, but Eric took the first step in resolving that by temporarily bypassing asset lookup in tests.

Another lovely fix came in from Chris. He fixed Catalog Card styling in the Service UI and was lucky enough to even get a :dancer: for that one!


In the Service UI, Allen added a new Ansible Service Details page.


Deletions always get a good amount of love, and this one is no different. Keenan removed tenant custom icons and paperclip this week to much delight and :heart:.

The removal of a stale comment by Joe got the :heart_eyes: that it truly deserves!

Wrapping up

That’s it for this week’s edition of LWIMIQ! We always welcome your involvement, so head on over to Current Issues to see where you can contribute. And don’t forget to give those PRs you love lots of :heart: today!