Woah first last week of February for 2017, this is :taco::dancer: huge. Almost as :taco::dancer: huge as the LQIMIQ low down prepared for you by your friendly neighbourhood developer Allen! So without further ado lets :woman_juggling:!

So here are the raw numbers:

  • ManageIQ Core with 94 PRs merged merged (awarded most overachieving!) :1st_place_medal:
  • ManageIQ Classic had 50 PRs merged (eerily similar number as last week, for those of you keeing track, awarded most copycat!) :2nd_place_medal:
  • ManageIQ Content saw 9 PRs merged (awarded most generic! no really, checkout those prs!) :3rd_place_medal:
  • ManageIQ Service UI saw 9 PRs merged (awarded most housekeeping!) :4th_place_medal:
  • Amazon provider had 4 PRs merged (awarded most resilient!) :5th_place_medal:
  • Azure provider had 3 PRs merged (awarded most resilient!) :6th_place_medal:

But this :video_game: we play is not about the :trophy:’s, :taco:’s, emojis that don’t yet exist (:5/6th_place_medal:) or :+1: its about the change, one such type of change being the Improvements!


Every line of code contributed across the ManageIQ repo collection is an improvement, but since neither of us have the attention to look at each of the 169 improvements from last week, here are a few highlights:

MIQ Core experienced a pair of key performance improvements:


Sometimes an improvement is of the type two steps back. In this case, a followup improvement of the type two steps forward is required, :bug: fixes! The MIQ Service UI repo was brought a fix of this nature by Chris, Fix for refresh of SUI $state.FeatureNav issue which eliminated role based errors experienced when reloading the UI. In MIQ Classic repo broken automate icons Fix broken Automate icons were fixed by Eric. MIQ Core experienced the most hotly discussed bug fix (42 comments :eyes::feelsgood:) Create a hawkular client for partial endpoints authored by Mooli


Hold the :phone:’s newly introduced REST API endpoints for service templates! This deeply pondered pr (Nov 2016 :scream_cat: ) create service template REST api was slain to completion by Jillian.


Extending that :walking: motif from earlier, Martin added to MIQ Classic a fantastic line reduction by employing mixins Deduplicate show methods using mixins.

Another pr overflowing with juicy red minus numbers is Delete ontap files. Brought to us by Zita, this :hocho: removes all unused Ontap files :tada:.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, ya’ll :rocket:. No really! Especially those who are absent mention in this LWIMIQ; which is only ever but a snapshot of all the awesome on goings of this repo. That being said, we always welcome your involvement, so head on over to Current Issues to see where you can contribute.

Phew that’s it! It was an honour and pleasure to walk you around the contributions of the 170 developers working on ManageIQ Open-Source Management Platform, STAY TUNED FOR MORE or else :taco::dancer:. Oh and happy last week of February :feelsgood::wink: .