Greetings everyone! Josh here with yet another weekly update! :tada:

Another outstanding week with over 109 PRs merged. Here is the breakdown:


Although there were a number of great improvements this round, here are a few highlights. First, Ladas has laid the foundation for query optimizations of inventory collections based on tracking graph dependencies. Nick implemented a worker lifecycle for embedded Ansible to aid monitoring efforts. To simplify decorating models, Martin has added an implementation for class decorator support which also removes the need to use the draper gem.


On the UI front, Martin also fixed a UI issue to display all catalog items. Cascading auto-refreshes received several updates from Erik leading to a nice fix.


Perhaps the largest addition was numerous model additions for Embedded Ansible, delivered by Greg. Erez brought a welcome addition of external logging support for containers, while Chris added the ability to create orchestration templates from the SUI.


Lots of deletions across the board over the last week. The classic UI received a pair of substantial removals: Dávid dropped the unused jQplot and associated plugins, while Harpreet removed arbitration profiles.

With as many jobs as we have running on TravisCI, it’s nice when we can cut down on what we are checking. Joe dropped the Codeclimate eslint engine now that the UI is separate from the core. Finally Nick took the opportunity to remove unnecessary authentication configuration with all the recent Ansible changes.

Wrapping up

The end of Sprint 55 brought plenty of Embedded Ansible additions with many more to come. It was a pleasure bringing you the latest! Until next time, :wave:!