Hi all! Daniel Berger here from the Providers team. This is my first Last Week in ManageIQ post, where I try to distill the week’s highlights of ManageIQ development into a nice, digestable format.

This past week saw 52 PR’s merged in ManageIQ core.

Our provider repositories were active as well, with 7 Amazon PR’s, 2 Azure PR’s, and 1 VMWare PR, in addition to 36 PR’s merged on the classic and service UI side.


This past week saw several improvements for Ansible, including the addition of Ansible Tower provider mixin by Nick, while Brandon added an automation manager type as well as job templates. Last week also saw Marcel add graph refresh for Ansible.

Everything’s better in bulk.

Meanwhile, Tim and Jillian were busy making improvements on the API side. Among other PR’s, Jillian added the ability to unassign tags in bulk, as well as the ability to tag multiple services in bulk. Meanwhile, Tim added bulk delete for snapshots and nicer messages.


There were several fixes last week, ranging from Brandon’s survey spec refresh fix for Ansible, to Tim’s spec updates for the API, to Zahi Akiva’s fix for container group and container volumes relation.


There were a host of other fixes and improvements as well, including a logger fix by Libor for older versions of Ruby, Keenan’s Brakeman fixes and the removal of unwanted timeline events in Hawkular, courtesy of Jay Shaughnessy.

Wrapping up

That’s it for this week. If you would like to get involved, head over to our Current Issues and take a gander.