As the end of 2016 grew closer, and the Winter Solstice brought with it either the longest night or shortest night, depending on which hemisphere you frequent, ManageIQ cut its latest release Euwe. You can download it here or clone it from Github here Happy New Year!

Over the last two weeks amongst all the New Year’s celebrations there were 70 pull requests merged! These pull requests (PRs) were comprised of 229 commits. Why not start your New Year by contributing to Open Source, just check out our issue tracker to see something that tickles your fancy, or join our chat on Gitter to find out more.


If removing technical debt is considered an improvement (answer: it should be), then these last two weeks won’t disappoint. First up is Tim Wade removing some dead paths in MiqExpression.operands2rubyvalue. Next up is Tim Wade again! This time fixing invalid chargeback factories in our test suite.

And finally, a useful improvement from Ari Zellner Changing Images to ContainerImages in our chargeback rate assignments.


After a normally expensive December, people are often frugal in January; which is good as that’s when the sales start! And who wants to overpay when you can get something for less. That’s why Šimon Lukašík fixed a bug in chargeback reporting.

Laura Galis Fixed the case where an empty link was being created if an orchestration stack was empty.

I know, I know it’s January and we’re all still zoned out from the holidays. Don’t despair Gregg Tanzillo has a solution, he’s fixed zone scoping for a server’s region!


New code usually creates new bugs. One of our new and ongoing projects is creating a new physical infrastructure provider. However that has led to a couple of bugs, but Dávid Halász to the rescue he’s fixed our Rubocop style guide to not complain about the $lenovo_log global; the logging variable used by our first physical infrastructure provider, Lenovo.

Aparna Karve has a new feature exposing workflows on api request resources to show the Request Workflow details in the SUI.


In this issue, I think Martin Povolny wins the deletion prize, with a massive 359,849 lines deleted! Admittedly this PR was part of the UI split into a separate repo, but that still counts right? If you want to find the recently deleted code it can be found in its own repository, more information on this can be found in this guide. This is all part of ManageIQ’s plan to “extract all the things”. Expect more code extractions over the coming months.

Wrapping up

Well that about wraps up this double issue of Last Two Weeks in ManageIQ. Hopefully 2017 brings you joy and happiness, and lots more Open Source contributions. Happy coding!