Moin, durandom from the providers team here, guiding you through the vast construction site of ManageIQ.

Last week we had 60 PRs merged in manageiq core. Not counting all the related repos, which we continue to carve out of our beloved Majestic Monolith.

You have to destroy to create.

It was a small step for Zita to rename ‘Automate’ to ‘Automation’ in the UI, but it might be a giant leap for ManageIQ.

Stay true to the game: Tim and Sam thought that “Staying true to the game” should apply to tests as well and pushed our specs closer to reality. Quoting them: the output … was nonsense and Add … so that tests match reality

That generic object in automate finally got edible, ehm, editable. Yummy, Erik! Click your way through these 100% organic, ehm, angularized forms and edit your generic objects.

Consistency is key. Sometimes it is just the small things like accessing all data types as lowercase keys in automate. Way to go, Madhu

Community contributions

It is always nice to see community contributions. Joe from Google added proxy options to the Google Cloud Engine provider.

Speaking of community, Gregor from XLAB refactored storage managers to mixins to make use of them in the Amazon provider. Watch out for some nice things to come.

Excavation Sites

To make it easier to override gem dependencies for development Marcel introduced a helper method to spice up your Read about it here

Want settings? Go get some! Yuri extracted so many hidden settings from the code and made them accessible via settings.yml - Now we just need to document them.

Ladislav has been knee-deep in provider refresh. But naming remains hard, so he moved from DTO to Inventory. Stay tuned for some refreshing updates. Btw, that PR is soooo 1337.

Some more extraction around the corner. In preparation of moving virtual attributes out of the core and into a gem, VirtualTotalMixin had to go. Break it apart, Keenan

Wrapping up

That’s it for this week. As usual, you can take your mining gear, put on your hard hat and move over to the mouth of the cavern and go digging for some hidden gems.