Hi! syncrou here to continue our discussions as to what happened in the ManageIQ world last week. As the hours passed by and minutes zipped on, we all thought that a week couldn’t possibly justify a blog post. Au contraire, this post is about our ability to manage all the things!

In the last week we not only continued to manage more things, we did it better! While some thought that there was room for improvement, others (everyone) agreed on one overarching theme. As long as infrastructure and clouds and subnets and networks and hybrid clouds and computers and phones and IFTT and technology things exist (breathe), together we shall unite them all under one manageiq!

Feature all the things

Last week we merged lots of PRs! We also made many many commits! The big news is that we have so many contributors and such a huge code base, we had to break up all the repos. Below is a smattering of them with total merged PRs inline.

ManageIQ 42 PRs merged. Classic UI 35 PRs merged. SUI 8 PRs merged. Amazon 4 PRs merged. Content 2 PRs merged. ManageIQ 100 commits pushed (base repo.)

If you’re ever looking to help jump into our great project, we just lowered the barrier to entry. All issues, PRs, specs are now broken up by repo. If you were ever looking for a great reason to manage your manageable item, NOW is the time!

Improved a number of things

Leverage ManageIQ::Environment

Brandon helped make everything work nicely together when using our new ManageIQ content repo. Though eventually this repo will house more things, for now it is the new home of our Automate Domain.

Add ConfigurationScript model to RBAC directly

In our ManageIQ repo lpichler helped to apply RBAC to the ConfigurationScript model. This allows for Ansible Tower Job Templates to be filtered by a user’s tags.

Fixed broken things

Validate dialog children while edit is in progress

Harpreet solved a validation issue in our classic-ui repo. Validation errors will now show up while the edit is in progress as opposed to running them at submit.

Update Angular & broken tests

Allen fixed an issue in our Service UI repo that makes all developers happy. He fixed broken tests!

New things

moving settings from manageiq

Marcel has been very busy in the Amazon provider repo. Although this repo has been separate for some time, the settings for this provider can now be handled by the provider.

Deleted a major thing

Time. We deleted time from the development process. Each repo holds its own tests, which means both development and merging take less time.

There isn’t a way to quantify the time saved, however…

A happy developer continues to develop. For our project, that is a deletion worth fighting for.

Wrapping up

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about all that is going on at ManageIQ. We’re very excited about the changes coming down the pipeline and are happy you’re helping to continuously improve our (your) product.