Chris here, welcoming you to another edition of Last Week in ManageIQ! It’s a balmy 0° here in Minnesota, USA - that’s about -18° Celsius, according to local authorities. With the wind chill making it -20° (-29°C), I’m thinking a look back at all the great work done on ManageIQ for the past week is just what we need to keep warm on this fine winter day!

There were 107 pull requests merged to master last week! 107 is the 28th prime number. The next prime is 109, meaning that 107 is called a Chen prime. Super cool, right? Almost as super cool as 0°! If I haven’t scared you off yet, you can join the 45 contributors that made 297 commits by checking out the issues tracker.


pglogical Upgrade

pglogical had released many versions after the one we were currently using, and these new versions contain many bug fixes as well as the ability to fire triggers on replicated rows and to cleanly update a node data source name. However, there was a serious trigger bug that had to be resolved first. Slated back in July, Nick has now been able to make the proper changes to be compatible and move us up to pglogical 1.2.1!

Faster UI response on failed Git imports

It was found out that if whatever service in a Git import was down it would take an exceptionally long time for the UI to timeout and report that. Apache would eventually respond with a 502 proxy error after several minutes. Erik fixed this by removing the bottleneck, giving the client a task to check back on instead!


Authentication retry regression fixed

There was a slight regression following the recently merged authentication feature that retries authentication checks if the error is generic and unrelated to missing/invalid credentials (unreachable, etc) when running SmartState Analysis. Joe tracked it down and found the foul option that wasn’t in the right place!

Fixed save button for VM retirement date

The save button for VMs would not be clickable when you set a retirement date of the current day or tomorrow. Fixed! Thanks to Laura you can now retire whenever you want! ;)


Load Balancers API

You can now retrieve load balancer information from the REST API, brought to you by Jillian!

New Provider generator

Marcel added a new Rails generator for providers! This will allow developers to easily create an empty scaffolding with everything you need to begin work on adding a new pluggable provider for ManageIQ. Just rails generate provider YourProvider and away you go!


Removed unneeded _perf_chart_flash_layout

Funny enough, as Milan pointed out, we no longer have flash charts in the application.

Removed some outdated CSS

As part of some work with updating the expression editor toolbar styling, Eric had the pleasure of throwing out some old, unused CSS. Spring cleaning in December!

Wrapping up

As always, there are more changes than we’ve covered here. Check out the full PR list for details. That’s about it for Last Week in ManageIQ! Stay warm out there!