Howdy! I am JoeV. I work with the ManageIQ Platform Team. Below is a review of the changes made Last Week in ManageIQ.

As we continue to stabilize the code base for the upcoming Euwe release 53 contributors posted a hefty 127 PRs into master and 358 commits with a tiebreaker speed that would garner the admiration of Magnus Carlsen

If you would like to join the rodeo and help contribute to moving the stampede, you can choose from our list of open issues.


Many improvements were made this past week, a few of which are:

Multiple improvements were made to our API by Alon Goldboim

  • Update the API policy create action to require the mode attribute parameter. This will enable MiqPolicy to be listed on the policy view in the UI.

  • Ensuring the API options hash keys are symbolized, if the keys are not symbolized the option does not take effect.

  • Properly create a MiqExpression upon create or edits of condition resources.

Yaacov Zamir contributed a change making the Hawkular tenant changeable.


Jirka Kremser fixed an issue where the ‘Relationships’ section in Middleware Provider Summary page was missing.


Bill Fitzgerald posted an Automate change that results in notifications being sent when a VM or a Service starts retirement.



87 bugs were ERRATA-cated with the the efficiency of the long-banned DDT. A few of which are:

From: Šimon Lukašík

  • Dropped unprofessional images from the Consumption page

From: Dan Clarizio

  • Make report names descriptive

From: Adam Grare

  • Fix auto-placement for hosts without a datastore that can hold the new VM

From: Nick Carboni

  • Fix failing service provision from the global region due to dialogs from separate regions with the same label.

From: Jillian Tullo

  • The update of a dialog field needs to account for a resource action

From: Libor Pichler

  • Fix failed previews when creating a report with chart Bars, Stacked (2D)

From: Robin Knaur

  • Make Widget chart actually zoom and use full names in legend

  • Fix position of chart menu in C&U charts

Wrapping up

This was just a synopsis of last week in ManageIQ. To get the full lowdown on the ManageIQ-hoedown saddle on up and pony over to MangeIQ.ORG

Thanks for having a look-see!

Adios JoséV