Martin here, bringing you this week’s edition of Last Week in ManageIQ.

Since the last edition, we’ve merged 114 pull requests in the manageiq repo, 56 of which were labeled bug, 18 enhancement, 16 technical debt and 13 refactoring. As always, almost half was in the UI, totalling 48 ui pull requests.

In the recently renamed manageiq-ui-service repo, we’ve had 8 pull requests, and there are surely more in our other repos.

There are also many open issues you can try your skills on, because who doesn’t want to be famous? And, as always, we’re ready to help on gitter.


As a sign of things to come, Allen has finished moving our Service UI from Bower to npm (actually, Yarn, we’re so modern!) (#296), ManageIQ itself will follow shortly.

Martin P has deduplicated our tree_select and accordion_select methods (#12320), making it easier to make bigger changes to trees, and getting rid of about 40 lines in the process. While deduplicating, he also looked into x_show (#12313), and apparently, he’s also removed “some code”, that’s it :).

Zahi has added advanced search capability to Containers (#12303), bringing Containers a bit closer to Infra & Cloud, feature-wise.


Eric H has fixed a weird bug, where Kernel.const_get would return the wrong class for toolbars. See for yourself (#12451) ;).

The (Self) Service UI repo got renamed, and the URL it lives on has changed from /self_service to /ui/service. Allen and Satoe have been fixing the fallout, updating apache config (#12311), and updating the Dockerfile (#12263).


Libor has made it possible to do daily chargeback, (#12351), following up on his earlier work fixing hourly, weekly and monthly.

From the OpenStack land, Gilles has been adding support for provisioning security groups (#11758) and floating IPs (#11819), with pull requests to support these in the UI coming up shortly.

In RHEV land, Tomas has implemented migrating VMs (#11366).

And in our API, Alon has added a MiqPolicy collection making it possible to CRUD policies (#11505), and Brandon has made it possible to approve or deny requests via the API (#12258).


Tim has been busy deleting stuff last week, deleting some unused factories (#12359, #12419 and #12423), hooray!

Beni has also been destroying some dead code (#12415).

Eric W has also removed our custom jQuery UI theme (#12335), which was very likely the very last bundled external dependency, fingers crossed everybody :).

Wrapping up

Well, that’s all folks! See you next week, same place (which BTW got updated since the last time, hope you noticed :)).