Hi. I, ZitaNemeckova will tell you more about this weeks news in our Last Week in ManageIQ.

We’ve merged 110 pull requests this week that contained 310 commits and were done by 44 contributors.

Anyone can be a ManageIQ contributor. Just have a look at our open issues and solve one or report an issue if ManageIQ is not working as it should be. Any help is appreciated.


It is hard to work on internationalization (it’s also hard to pronounce). You can see here how much work mzazrivec did last week. 11 PRs to improve i18n. You should always make sure that you don’t leave any string that is displayed in the UI untranslated.

Tests got some nice enhancements this week. NickLaMuro made them go faster with his PR that speeds up travis builds by caching bower assets. And himdel’s PR makes tests fail early when bower install fails. It will no longer bug us.

From now on use ::Settings instead of get_vmdb_config in app/views/* as yrudman shows in his PR.


There were too many bugs (exactly 80) fixed this week to choose from. So if you want to see which bugs we got rid of, have a look here.

There were two gem fixes that may interest you, kbrock fixed fix_auth after the pending gem was extracted and chrisarcand removed gems/pending paths from code climate config in his PR.


OpenStack devel petrblaho added connection options to OpenStack Cloud VM in this PR.

14 daily log rotations used to be saved. But now you can specify the number of rotated logs to save when an external disk volume is configured for vmdb/log thanks to jvlcek’s PR. Isn’t it neat?

The news of this week is here. The Azure provider was moved to a gem by durandom in this PR. Another big step towards pluggable providers was done. More to come.


It is always nice to see someone delete duplicate code like in this PR Refactor changes - Removed duplicate code in discover method by Jaganathancse.

Wrapping up

That’s all from me. Stay tuned for the next Last Week in ManageIQ to have the latest news from our development.