Hello! Dávid here from the UI team with some updates about the changes since last week.

We are still focused on the stabilization of the upcoming Euwe release. In numbers this means 91 commits merged from 88 PRs created by 40 of our contributors since last week. If you are interested, check out the list of open issues to help us in increasing these numbers.


Chart widgets on the dashboard are sometimes displaying too much information on a too tiny place, making some data unreadable. There was a primitive zooming feature available, but it was not always helpful. Now thanks to our charts expert Robin the zoomed version uses a full screen modal.

Full screen modal for dashboard charts

There were also some improvements in the Automate part of our codebase. For example Patrik continued the refactoring of automate methods. His victim was the available_flavors method for miq_ae_orchestration.


In these tough days almost half of the number of PRs have the word “fix” in their title. This means it is extremely hard to select which ones to present here.

We had some issues with infinite spinners on the Reports page when logged in as a non-admin user. The problem was with tree unlocking after an AJAX change on the page. Thanks to our Happy Martin it is now fixed.

The select box for policy profile selection on the policy simulation screen had a fixed size and therefore, it could not properly display longer strings. The cleverness of Milan came in handy, as he fixed it with a single line.


As the release is getting closer and closer, we are not really introducing new features. However, Alon found some space for improving the Container Node screen by adding a new field which displays custom attributes. But that is not all, he also added support for provider policies in our User Interface.


Libor found out that the show and list permissions for Tenants have the same purpose and unified them under a new permission called view.

As you know, we introduced a new version of timelines a few weeks ago. The old ones had compatibility issues with some versions of Internet Explorer which was compensated by some JavaScript code. For the new timelines, this code is no longer required and thanks to Harpreet it’s removed from our codebase.

Wrapping up

This was just a quick summarization of our last week. Feel free to check out the complete list of PRs merged last week for more information.