Hello again! Tim here with a wrap-up of all the ManageIQ activity from last week.

Last week 116 PRs got merged into master, consisting of 336 commits.

If you’d like to see yourself on the contributors board why not check out one of our open issues? There are some t-shirts up for grabs if you tackle some issues labeled hacktoberfest during the month of October. Head over to the official website for more details! 🍻


Improve Retrieval of VMware Host Storage Devices

Host storage devices are retrieved one at a time to limit the chance of a timeout resulting from too much data going over the line. However, that is no longer a concern and requests can be packaged into one API call thanks to this PR.

Move most of TreeNodeBuilder#build to hash lookup

By moving to a constant time hash lookup for calls made to nodes in trees, Nick LaMuro was able to squeeze some extra performance out of some large trees. 🌲

Remove to_a at core of Automate

By removing the call of to_a, these Active Record relations can continue without loading every single row into memory until needed. Especially handy if you were just going to throw most of them away anyway!


Show shared networks in the OpenStack provisioning dialog

Shared networks in the OpenStack provisioning dialog were lost during a prior refactoring. This PR ensures they are back in their rightful place. πŸ›


Add chargeback report for Services

This PR adds a monthly chargeback report for Services. πŸ“Š

Add UI to create/update/delete OpenStack cloud tenants

As of this PR, a user is now able to do full CRUD on OpenStack cloud tenants. πŸŽ‰


Some old comments get the heave-ho

Last week Joe Rafaniello found some truly vintage comments going back before 2011. They are gone now thanks to these PRs, but their intentions will always be around in our hearts (and in the commit history). πŸ”₯

Remove unused toolbar buttons from toolbar builder

Apparently these toolbar buttons were no longer needed, meaning that 32 lines of code could be straight-up deleted! βœ‚οΈ

Remove leftover rubyrep password checking code

When rubyrep was removed back in #9696 this code was left behind, resulting in a bug in the UI. On the bright side, this PR lets us say goodbye to rubyrep one more time! πŸ‘‹

Wrapping up

That’s about all we have time for! As always, there were too many great PRs to cover fully, but you can check them all out here. Until next week!