Hello again. Drew here, covering all of the amazing contributions over the last week in ManageIQ.

Most weeks we feature PRs that provide a large code change or major upgrade for our users. This week I’m going to feature PRs that expose what it takes to turn 357 commits into 113 Merged PRs.

The answer in short is conversation. Lots and lots of conversation! If you’ve often wondered what it would take to experience the click of the magic green button I would ask you to please take the plunge and build a PR. In doing so you can join us in our conversations toward building a better ManageIQ! If you’re not sure where to start, here is a list of our current issues, we could use all the help you can offer!


Add features based on supported_api_versions to RedHat provider

Over the course of 68 comments Boris made sure that we could use the SupportedFeaturesMixin to set features that are supported by the RedHat provider based on the API versions.

Service power operations API

Although this technically feels like a new API feature, it is an improvement on the features exposed through our API. Tim spent a good amount of time disscussing the changes needed over a 29 part conversation.


Allow to add a containers provider with a port other than 8443

14 separate discussions and now Daniel Korn solved a containers provider port problem. Moving forward, whatever port you set will now be used as the “default” role endpoint.


UI: Add Container Templates

With much discussion comes brand new features. Zahi patiently worked through over 32 comments and allowed us all to see Container Templates in the UI.

CRUD for OpenStack Host Aggregates

With extreme attention to detail, sseago chatted 36 different times to hone and build API calls for creating, editing, deleting, and adding/removing hosts for OpenStack Host Aggregates.

Chargeback for container images

Ari had some back and forth, and back and forth and… Voilà! 31 separate conversations allowed all of us to report on the number of hours a container is running.


Don’t add a million things to the load path, require with directory

Even with stopping the load of a million things we still need to chat about how to delete them. Brandon deleted that many things from the load_path with a back and forth 12 different times. Yes, this is a deletion from memory and not a code deletion. But it was a million things!

Wrapping up

That’s about all the time we have for this conversation! Many more people discussed many more things on a great many PRs this week. You can check them all out here. Until next time I’m off to discuss what it will take to get my next PR merged!