Brno office sends its regards once again. I, Zita will tell you more about last week’s news in ManageIQ codebase :)


Last week, 48 contributors got 115 PRs with 359 commits merged to the master branch. And I will tell you more about the most interesting ones (from my point of view).

Anyone can be a ManageIQ contributor, it’s really easy :) . You just pick an issue from the issue tracker and make a PR.


If you ever wondered why trees are looking way better this week than they did before, it’s thanks to David and his Replaced dynatree with a modified version of bootstrap-treeview PR that he worked on lately. As they can grow to sequoia-like height sometimes, their performance must be top-notch. Keenan is making sure they are as fast as they can be with TreeBuilder use settings not config and Tree builder misc performance fixes. And more PRs are coming soon.

In the past, you had to set ports one by one but Joe S made an improvement Use a range of port numbers instead of a single port for load balancers that allows you to use a range to set all the ports at once from now on. Isn’t it neat?


Last week, you saw how i18n is done correctly, this week Joe R shows in his numerous PRs here, here, here and here how to use interpolation correctly so that Rubocop is happy and can give you a cookie.

Simon fixed a problem with trailing nonsense in an URL with the PR API should return http:404 when URL has trailing garbage. So now you just get a nice 404 if you have some unwanted leftovers in your URL.


From now on, ManageIQ has a new notification drawer done by Simon and Jeffrey. The first one provided backend API for Notification Drawer after hours of head scratching and the second made all that visible in the UI Add Notifications Drawer and Toast Notifications List (check it to see how it looks).

Topology graph has a new feature from Jiri. Now you can see middleware messaging entities as well thanks to the PR Displaying middleware messaging entities in the topology graph.

Another provider-related new feature is the OpenShift Deployment Wizard (bunch of new windows) added by Daniel in the PR OpenShift Deployment Wizard. Deployment is now easier and more user friendly.

Cockpit had been on MartinP’s mind lately. He brought a new API to connect ManageIQ with it, in the PR Add cockpit support to the API.

Alberto created a new class MiqAeBrowser in the PR Adding the MiqAeBrowser that adds an enhancement to Automate model. It brings arbitrary depth tree search of the Automate mode, supports serialized objects to include fqname, domain_fqname and klass and more.


Joe R shared his love for deleting (in this case commenting out) bad code with the PR Fix unreachable code by removing it or commenting it out. It’s always nice to delete unreachable code unless you make a mistake and it crashes (personal experience).

Tim didn’t delete much in his PR Remove “typed_target” from API update paths but nicely renamed some methods and used super. The functionality is the same but code is way better looking. A great example how to code better.

As we moved from dynatree to bootstrap treeview, Happy Martin got rid of some old dynatree pictures in the PR Remove remaining dynatree images and David hid his removal of dynatree related code in his “too big for one commit” PR Replaced dynatree with a modified version of bootstrap-treeview.

Wrapping up

I’m sure that I didn’t talk about all the PRs that deserved to be mentioned this week. You can check them all out here. It was nice to be your guide this week :) See you next time.