Thanks for tuning in today for the topical Last Week in ManageIQ! Drew Uhlmann here with you to limn marked mint MIQ metamorphoses.


In the past week 115 PRs with 347 commits were merged to master by 49 people (which could probably include you too! Simply peruse our list of issues, pick a particular, and produce a PR.)


A chic change was made to our rails bin/setup file, comprising of a command to clean logs/tmp.

The ability to pick a rigid retirement date and time rather than the antecedent ambiguous amount that appeared afore as date plus some additional amount of hours (“that specific day +- 23.5 hours”) has been added.

Incorporation of load balancer support to our existing Azure EMS refresh implementation is in the process of being integrated.


All of the Cloud/Instance items now load neatly as well as a broken tree being tuned on the Automation/Customization tab too.


The addition of an arresting new bower package for angular validation that we’re applying to do GUID validation for assorted Azure fields in the Cloud Provider screen was accomplished.

Blueprints can now be published!

Presently, Azure and Google include configuration for generic provisioning methods.


We also now also have an abatement of Atomic providers! ExtManagementSystem MiqWorker, MiqQueue and Authentication tables have been appended.


Once again a cornucopia of changes to cover closely but feel free to flip through them as you await in agog anticipation another annal of Last Week in ManageIQ!