After Drew’s wonderful ‘A’ blog, I, Erik, will be guiding you through the ‘B’ blog! There were a lot of fun and exciting changes so lets get started!

The stats

Last week, we merged 122 PRs, of which, 49 were enhancements. In total, there were 414 commits!

Builders and BaseControllers! (Improved)

Convert myco_tree to use TreeBuilder

Zita is continuing work on refactoring the way some of our left-side trees are built by using TreeBuilders. This will hopefully make it easier in the future if/when we need to make adjustments.

Clean up Api::BaseController a bit

I’m a sucker for a good refactoring story, and Tim has told a good one here. As with the tree builders, making things easier to adjust in the future is always a welcome change.

Bugs! (Fixed)

Fixed issue with no history and refresh toolbar buttons displayed in UI

As I’m sure most users know, the back button isn’t very friendly for ManageIQ, so we have a history toolbar button. However, that went missing, so Roman had to put it back. Whew!

Ensure api config references only valid miq_product_features

Šimon fixed an issue where the api wasn’t referencing the right name of product features, and therefore was returning a forbidden response when trying to access policies and policy profiles that should have been accessible.

Backend changes! (New)

Add Cinder storage manager support: backend changes

The backend changes are in place for Cinder storage manager support! Big thumbs up to Hui for laying the groundwork on this one.

Enhancement to expose the Automate model via /api/automate

Alberto has added support to the API to expose the Automate models. I personally work closely within Automate so I know quite a few people who will be very happy with this change.

Booting of comments! (Deleted)

Delete commented code

With an app as large as ours, eventually some rogue comments make their way through. Brandon has found them, and booted them out!

Bye-bye! (Wrapping up)

Of course, there were a ton more that probably deserved mentioning, but their owners simply didn’t bribe me enough to feature them :). If you’d like to help out and maybe see your PR featured here, take a look at the issues page and see if there’s anything you can tackle.