Jillian here to guide you through another edition of Last Week in ManageIQ. Let’s get this show on the road and explore what we’ve accomplished last week!

As usual, we had a great week in ManageIQ with 92 pull requests merged from our awesome contributors. Next week, one of them could be you! Head on over to our issues to see where you can contribute - we’d love to have you.


Index Speedup

VMs & Instances in My LDAP Group index and ajax calls in /vm_or_template received an awesome speedup this week thanks to the work of Nick LaMuro. Head on over to the PR to view the improvement statistics.

Setup and Update Failure Report

Thanks to Joe VLcek, bin/setup and bin/update will now report any commands that have failed and exit the script. This should be a helpful addition to developers, as they will no longer have to assume that those commands executed correctly.


Multi-rate chargeback reports could not be queued

Multi-rate chargebacks can now be queued again, as Libor Pichler resolved the issue by adding in the missing providers.

Angular Toolbars in Production

Angular toolbars were failing to load in Production mode, but were fixed by Aparna Karve.


Vmware vCloud NetworkManager

vCloud users will be happy with this addition from Miha Plesko, which adds a NetworkManager for this provider.

Disks management for RHEVM provider in ‘Reconfigure VM’

This pull request by Moti Asayag

adds support for RHEVM providers to add or remove disks from a VM as part of the ‘Reconfigure VM’ dialog.


Out with TODO clutter!

Ladislav Smola was kind enough to remove some outdated TODOs from save_inventory_network. It’s always nice to get rid of TODO clutter.

Remove CloudManager Relationships from a NetworkManager

Ladislav Smola was having fun with removals this week, as he also removed some CloudManager relationships from NetworkManager which resolved confusion in some back buttons.

Wrapping Up

There’s a lot more where those PRs came from, so head on over here to check them all out. We’ll be back next week, same place, same time, for another edition of Last Week in ManageIQ!