What ho! Welcome to another jolly edition of Last Week in ManageIQ. Julian here, hailing from the Providers team. Let’s put the kettle on and take a look over what’s happened this last week in ManageIQ.

We’ve had a spiffing week with 167 pull requests merged from our marvellous contributors. ManageIQ always welcomes new contributors, we have a great list of issues so take a gander to see where you can help us.


The Azure, Azure

Bronagh Sorota has improved the naming of the Azure regions. When creating an Azure provider with no instances; instead of naming the region Azure-eastus, we incorrectly called it Azure-Azure-eastus

MiQ Roles API

Chris Arcand and Joe Rafaniello have been at the refactoring again, this time overhauling the ManageIQ Roles API to:

remove unused and needlessly complex code.

As with all good refactorings, this included 48 new additions, but managed to remove 124 lines of code!


Improving the API

Fellow Brit Tim Wade has been refactoring away at the API, this time extracting classes to remove the Settings concern from every API call. Good job Tim.

Nicer Errors

Everyone likes error messages, but no one likes badly formatted ones. Daniel Berger with this PR, formats the XML output of SCVMM into a nicer string.


New LDAP Gem

If you use ldap you might be happy to know Gregg Tanzillo has updated us to version 0.14.0. Fixing some encoding errors with the update :)

Active Support for Everyone

Nick Carboni has added the ability in the PostgresHAAdmin to use methods such as Hash#symbolize_keys and Time#current in production, by requiring active_support/all and making it safer for everyone needing those methods


Remove those buttons

A small change, but a useful one. Removing an unused and broken OAuth button. A good spot from Martin Hradil

No methods no cry

Keenan Brock is fixing relationships this week by removing unused relationship methods. A good example of a TODO: comment that never got TODONE.

Wrapping up

Not technically last week, but ManageIQ developer Chris Arcand, made it into Ruby Weekly with The Search For <Class:0x00000027b59290>, a thrilling tale of hunting for a mysterious bug in our codebase.

As always we have too many PRs to cover here in detail. You are always welcome to have a peek at them here. And with that pip pip & toodle-oo, and don’t forget to look out for the next exciting issue of Last Week in ManageIQ!