Hi! David here, from the UI team!

Let’s take a quick review of the changes to ManageIQ since last week.

In the last week 114 merged pull requests have been produced by 42 of our contributors. We very much like this round number of authors, but new contributors are always welcome. Check out our issue tracker to see where you can help us.


Move code to more core extensions

We have been using our own statistical functions for various metrics all around the project. These small snippets are now methods implemented as extensions of standard ruby structures, such as Arrays or Hashes.

Support for gettext in ManageIQ plugins

Internationalization support is getting better by each week. This PR adds support for automated extracting of gettext strings from external plugins. It also introduces an updated version of FastGettext that supports merging and chaining multiple gettext repositories.


Fix multiple ui_lookup(:model => nonCamelized) in MiqPolicyController*

Multiple ui_lookup calls in MiqPolicyController and children were failing due to incorrect capitalization. Because of the fallback titleize behavior, this was almost invisible when using the UI in English.

Display total cpu cores for right sizing

The Right Size Recommendations page displayed the number of CPU sockets instead of the correct number of CPUs. Thanks to Adam’s fix, now this works perfectly.


Add network manager load balancer models

We are constantly improving the networking support in ManageIQ. This PR is the first step to have support for Load Balancers available in cloud environments.

Add ‘About’ Modal

Thanks to the improvements in the PatternFly project we are now able to display a fancy about modal. This displays information about the browser session and the used version number of ManageIQ.


Remove D deprecated methods

Some CPU-related methods used in the REST API have been marked as deprecated in the Darga release. From now these methods are no more, making the codebase a bit cleaner.

Remove redundant code from report editor

Šimon found some code in the reports editor controller which was already implemented elsewhere. This is now removed!

Wrapping up

There were way too many PRs to cover here in detail. Feel free to check them all out here. Look out for the next installment of Last Week in ManageIQ!