We’re pleased to announce that, effective now, the first Botvinnik release candidate is now available. Among the improvements in this release:

  • RESTful API now at parity with older SOAP API (soon to be deprecated)
  • Automate
    • New retirement workflow
    • Added edit/copy/remove for Orchestration Templates
  • Systemd fleecing support
  • OpenStack Infrastructure - Heat stacks, images, additional metrics
  • Kubernetes Event catcher and Inventory Collection
  • Foreman provisioning, provider refresh, reporting and zone enablement
  • Orchestration
    • Provisioning dialog generator
    • Enabled Reporting / Tagging
    • Automate service models

Refer to the changelog for more details.

Please test the Botvinnik RC and report any issues. For questions or support, please see our talk page and make sure to use the “Release Candidate” category.