It is our pleasure to announce that two new members have joined the ManageIQ Community: Synnefo and Navteca. Both of these partners attended the recent Design Summit, where they succombed to the enthusiasm and decided to join up with the rest of the community. This brings the total number of community members to 12: BBVA, Booz Allen Hamilton, Chef, Cirba, Cox Automotive, Cloudsoft,, ICE Systems, Red Hat, VMTurbo and now Navteca and Synnefo.

Navteca will help with marketing ManageIQ by proposing it to their clients and implementing it in current projects. They want to contribute on the development side starting with state machines and, eventually, with plug-ins and application code. Synnefo, a Forsythe Company, will promote best practices in hybrid cloud management, including standardized use cases, optimal deployment scenarios and reference architectures unburdened by IP claims or license encumberment.

The ManageIQ Community is all about member organizations coming together to create a large ecosystem for open hybrid cloud software. We’re very happy to have these two new companies on board - welcome! It is through your contributions that customers, partners, developers and service providers will be able to construct compelling solutions in the cloud.