We are thrilled to announce that Aaron Patterson (@tenderlove) has joined the ManageIQ team.

Aaron is the only engineer in the world who is on both the core Ruby and core Rails teams. He is the author of Nokogiri (XML parser), Psych (YAML parser) and has improved ActiveRecord substantively in usability and performance. Aaron is also on the Ruby and Rails security teams. He is the top contributor to Rails of all time (http://contributors.rubyonrails.org/contributors). Aaron is often invited to speak at conferences - some of his talks can be found at confreaks.com/presenters/21-aaron-patterson. And of course, he has over 20k followers on Twitter.

Aaron will be splitting his time in continuing to move the Ruby and Rails communities forward as well as helping us with the ManageIQ project. Some of the things Aaron will focus on for ManageIQ are getting our software to Ruby 2.x and Rails 4.x, removing the need for our own Rails extensions and forks, and helping to tackle our technical debt.

We look forward to great contributions from Aaron to the Ruby, Rails and ManageIQ communities!