Download ManageIQ Anand

We’re naming ManageIQ releases after chess grandmasters. Read about Viswanathan Anand, this release’s namesake.

One of the great things about launching new communities is all of the first landmarks and milestones reached in a short period of time:

  • Due diligence of code - Check
  • Developer workflow completed - Check
  • First web site - Check
  • First source code availability - Check and…
  • First GA community release - Check!
  • Download ManageIQ Anand!

As of today, we can check off that last bullet with the release of ManageIQ Anand, the first open source GA release of ManageIQ. So what sort of features can you expect to see in this version?

  • Supported providers: AWS, VMware VSphere, OpenStack, Microsoft SCVMM, RHEV/oVirt
  • External auth (LDAP)
  • Many, many fixes and rewrites to replace proprietary libraries in the older releases

This release represents the culmination of eight years of software development, starting in 2006, when a tiny startup named ManageIQ had some big ambitions. After the acquisition by Red Hat, the ManageIQ team faced a daunting task of rewriting significant pieces of code while making it open source-ready. It’s been a great learning experience for everyone, and we now have a release that we can all be proud of.