Now that the Anand release is almost out the door, it’s the right time to turn our attention to the next release. Since we’re going alphabetically by chess world champions, we have a few choices:

  • Paolo Boi - 1575 - Kingdom of Sicily (If we want to go way back in history)
  • Mikhail Botvinnik - 1948, 1958, 1961 - Soviet Union (Russia)
  • Elisabeth Bykova - 1953-1956 - Soviet Union (Russia)

Vote for your choice in the talk comments. If you don’t like any of the available choices, add one. They must have been a chess grandmaster, although we are biased towards world champions.

We will soon start accepting blueprints for features in the upcoming release. Expect documentation for the blueprint workflow very soon. The options are using the GitHub wiki, GitHub issues, creating a new category on talk, or simply creating a new section on the web site for managing blueprints, which would involve creating pages in markdown. Let us know which communication medium you prefer.

Onward and upward, JM