Here’s a great introduction written by Bryan Che, a Red Hat cloud strategy guy, on why we released ManageIQ as an open source project, as well as a look at the cloud management landscape. Cloud management is currently a nice car with four flat tires, and all four of them with different sizes, colors, and recommended pressure.

From the blog post:

This marks a major milestone not just for Red Hat but also for open source in general. ManageIQ is a significant and unique open source project for several reasons:

  • ManageIQ is the first major open source project for a management platform
  • ManageIQ came from an existing codebase, not as net new development
  • ManageIQ targets a new kind of community

That last bit is pretty important. Most communities identify their audience as “developers” and “users”. With ManageIQ, there’s a slight difference:

ManageIQ includes a policy and orchestration engine for integrating into and automating a wide variety of platforms. We are excited to see what administrators and operators might contribute in the form of workflows and integration points to the ManageIQ community.

Read the full blog post.

Read the press release here.