Service Queries

Queries to services and related service dialogs are provided via the following collections:

Path Description




Service Requests


Service Templates


Service Dialogs

Querying Pictures pertaining to services

Access to pictures for service related collections is made available with the picture virtual attribute and related image_href attribute.

Querying all resources:

GET /api/services?expand=resources&attributes=picture,picture.image_href

GET /api/service_requests?expand=resources&attributes=picture,picture.image_href

GET /api/service_templates?expand=resources&attributes=picture,picture.image_href

Querying specific resources:

GET /api/services/:id?attributes=picture,picture.image_href

GET /api/service_requests/:id?attributes=picture,picture.image_href

GET /api/service_templates/:id?attributes=picture,picture.image_href

Querying Provision Dialogs on services and service requests

Querying provision dialogs on ordered services and related service_requests is provided by the provision_dialog virtual attribute:

GET /api/services/:id?attributes=provision_dialog

GET /api/service_requests/:id?attributes=provision_dialog

Querying Resource Actions

Querying resource_actions is provided as a subcollection of service_templates as follows:

GET /api/service_templates/:id/resource_actions

This allows queries like:

GET /api/service_templates/:id/resource_actions
GET /api/service_templates/:id/resource_actions/:resource_action_id
GET /api/service_templates/:id/resource_actions?expand=resources
GET /api/service_templates/:id/resource_actions?expand=resources&filter[]=action='Provision'

Querying Service and Provision Dialogs

Access to service and provision dialogs is provided by the primary collections:



Querying Service Dialogs

Service dialogs can be queried directly from the primary collection:

GET /api/service_dialogs
GET /api/service_dialogs/:id

Or from the Service Template where they are defined and from the related ordered services as follows:

GET /api/service_templates/:id/service_dialogs
GET /api/service_templates/:id/service_dialogs/:service_dialog_id

GET /api/services/:id/service_dialogs
GET /api/services/:id/service_dialogs/:service_dialog_id

Querying Users that ordered services

This is made available via the user virtual attribute which reflect the user object.

GET /api/services/:id?attributes=user

GET /api/service_requests/:id?attributes=user

Optionally, specific user attribute can also be queried as follows:

GET /api/services/:id?,
GET /api/services/:id?,

Querying VMs of Services

This is made available via the vms subcollection of services as follows:

GET /api/services/:id/vms

GET /api/services/:id?expand=vms

It is also possible to fetch additional attributes for the vms of a service all within the same request by using the vms. prefix in the attributes specification as follows:

GET /api/services/:id?expand=vms&attributes=vms.num_cpu

Accessing decorators for VM resources is also made available here as follows:

GET /api/services/:id?expand=vms&attributes=vms.num_cpu&decorators=vms.supports_console?